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Keyfix is the market leading non-combustible cavity solutions provider for the entire external cavity. We are renowned for innovation, technically superior solutions and surpassing our clients’ expectations with our full service package.


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Keyfix began with an idea to set up a Brickwork Ancillaries Company and quickly branched into the world of non-combustibility on the back of the new Doc B fire regulations and an interesting conversation with Barratt’s which fanned the flames of innovation even further.

Through many industry conversations with leading Architects and Brickwork Contractors and in conjunction, BRE, BBA, NHBC, Premier Guarantee and LABC Warranty, we went on to develop and patent unique non-combustible solutions. These has been very well received by Installers and Main Contractors as the easiest to use and best customer service option on the market.

Whilst Keyfix has been quick to innovate, we have not compromised on quality or performance and have developed unique and commercially viable, rapid-build solutions that are simple to understand and easy to install.

Keyfix have been recognised and won awards nationally and internationally for our innovative approach to product design and we focus on collaborating with the industry to develop products which solve common problems on-site whilst enhancing long-term building performance.

Our extended range of non-combustible solutions include non-combustible cavity trays, corner units, pier units, stainless steel non-combustible weep vents, non-combustible cavity tray lintels and non-combustible retaining discs.

Technical Expertise

We provide comprehensive technical support on your project and work to meet your every need.

The Keyfix Technical team provide Keyfix clients with the full service package. Our team will attend all design meetings, providing you with a full technical review of architect’s drawings. From this, the team will provide a comprehensive Mark-up with a scheduled breakdown of component locations. Then, when you’re product has arrived and is ready for install, a member of our team will come to site and provide a Tool box talk prior to the first install.

The earlier you contact our engineers in your project the more design flexibility you will have for the overall project. Ask for a Keyfix Engineer to visit your site or office.

Customer Service

At Keyfix, we want you to think of our Technical team as an extension of your own team. Our team care about you and your business and will work with you to achieve your project goals. Our Technical team are amongst the best in the industry, they are knowledgeable, proficient and extremely responsive to any urgent requirements you may have.


In order to be able to keep up to speed with today’s rapidly changing regulations our team are quick to innovate our products and production methods. To meet the demand we provide Architects, Specifiers, Engineers and Brickwork Contractors with all the information they will regarding key structural components.
With demand increasing massively over the last year we have invested heavily in automated systems to ensure our deliveries are as efficient as ever.

Delivery Service

Our delivery service is recognised throughout the construction industry as the most efficient due to our hugely automated production line. Our logistics solution is renowned for superior supply chain management. Products are delivered direct to site, specific to your site requirements.

Regulatory Response

The introduction of Buildings Regulations Document B (Fire Safety) 2019 was an initial regulatory response to incidents involving the spread of fire within external cavities on tall buildings and prohibit the use of combustible materials within the external cavities of buildings over 18m in height.

The regulations apply to buildings containing one or more dwellings; an institution; or a room for residential purposes. As of June 2022, the Regulations also apply to hotels, hostels and boarding houses.

The amendments to the Approved Documents provide the further guidance (12.10 Note 2) that “materials achieving limited combustibility cannot be deemed to meet the requirement using an alternative classification method.

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