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Keyfix A1 non-combustible cavity trays

We have the metal to keep tall buildings safe and dry - Only A1 will do

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Keyfix A1 non-combustible cavity trays

We have the metal to keep tall buildings safe and dry - Only A1 will do

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Upholding the highest A1 accreditation is behind all our non-combustible solutions

Far exceeding the requirements of Approved Doc B, Keyfix A1 fire rated non-combustible cavity trays achieve optimal fire safety, letting you champion best practice in the design and construction of fire resilient tall buildings.
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The importance of best practice

In the wake of the Grenfell tragedy in 2017, the initial regulatory response came in the form of Building Regulations Document B (Fire Safety) 2019 Edition. The updated regulations prohibit the use of combustible materials within the external cavities of tall buildings 18m+ that contain one or more dwellings; an institution; or a room for residential purposes. As of June 2022, the regulations also applies to hotels, hostels and boarding houses.

At Keyfix we believe that manufacturers need to stand up and take responsibility for designing and developing the best solutions we can for the market as this will not only future proof the life span of buildings but it will also safeguard those within the buildings.

Best practice to us is where manufacturers can guarantee their entire system rather than just parts of a system. If manufacturers are only getting parts of a system certified another huge question pops up - who will be the one to pay the price when these buildings are deemed unsafe?
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Championing Best Practice

In a post-Grenfell world product transparency is of utmost importance and Keyfix works closely with the British Board of Agrément (BBA) whilst investing in rigorous testing so that our team can offer quality assurances to improve industry best practice and this is evident with the development of Keyfix Non-combustible Cavity Tray system.

The team at Keyfix worked tirelessly to design, develop and manufacture a product that exceeds the minimum standards set out in Approved Document B (ADB). From initial concept our system has been awarded BBA certification, listed on the NHBC Accepts list and is approved by Premier Guarantee, LABC Warranty and other major warranty providers. It is the only non-combustible cavity tray system that does not rely on tapes and mastics to make watertight joints, therefore eliminating one of the main reasons for product failure.

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Regulatory Concerns

Keyfix and the wider Keystone Group are gravely concerned regarding the recently announced temporary relaxation of Building Regulations relating to Cavity Trays, which in short means combustible cavity trays can be used in place of non-combustible cavity trays up until December 2023.

In response to the relaxation we are actively engaging in consultation with like-minded industry players and governing bodies who share our concerns and seek to overturn this exemption.
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Industry Response

We are not the only party that has raised concerns over this. NHBC recently released a statement saying “NHBC are continuing to uphold our position for Buildmark warranty purposes by only accepting cavity trays on buildings above 18 meters which hold independent product certification by a product certification body acceptable to NHBC.
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See what the industry have to say…

“We have specified the Keyfix Non-combustible Cavity Tray at a number of our developments due to its cost-effective nature, easy-to-install solution and it also holds an A1 Fire Rating which exceeds the new Approved Document B regulations. As always with Keyfix, customer and technical support was excellent with their team having a real desire to champion best practice at every turn.”

Andrew Wilkinson, Fairview New Homes

“Keyfix was a great asset to our Tottenham Hale Centre project. The A1 Fire Rated Non-combustible Cavity Tray system was simple and efficient to install helping to save us time and energy.”

Joel Riley, Galostar

“Keyfix A1 Fire Rated Non-combustible Cavity Tray system was the obvious choice for us when it came to the Southmere Phase 1B project as the system coincided nicely with our goal of future-proofing the lifespan of the building. The product is being used successfully across all three blocks at Southmere and is now being used on a number of our other projects.”

Paul Turney, Durkan

Keyfix Non-combustible Cavity Tray System has been approved for use by the main warranty providers including: BBA certified, NHBC Accepted, Premier Guarantee and LABC Warranty following their comprehensive review of innovative products and systems.

We have the metal to make sure everything is covered…

Future proofed

Manufactured entirely from Class A1 Non- combustible stainless steel, providing no contribution to fire and insignificant release of smoke, droplets or other particles.

Designed for Life

Our non-combustible cavity trays, manufactured from Grade 304 austenitic stainless steel, provide a life span and durability of +125 years.

Slip Plane Resistance

The patented indented surface of our non-combustible cavity trays provides a physical key within the mortar bed eliminating the risk of slip plane developing within the outer skin.

Mechanical Dry Seal

The mechanical dry seal in our non-combustible cavity trays eliminates the need for sealants and mastics during installation on-site.

Thermal Break

Our non-combustible cavity tray is self-supporting providing a thermal break between the inner and outer skin of the cavity to prevent cold bridging.

Our A1 non-combustible range

Companies Championing Best Practice

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