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Staying Site-Safe in the Sun

Staying Site-Safe in the Sun

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We just love the sun but outdoor exposure to UV radiation in summer can cause skin cancer.
Outdoor occupations are particularly vulnerable, with construction workers accounting for 44% of occupational skin cancer diagnosis and 42% of occupational skin cancer deaths each year – that equates to 21 deaths and 101 diagnoses.1

Our Advice

Construction workers cannot afford to be complacent. A tan might look good but it is a strong indication the skin has already been damaged.
Even on cloudy days harmful UV rays can filter through and damage skin.
Now is the time to keep your skin healthy for the long haul. If you are working outdoors keep your shirt or top on, wear a hat, cover-up and use sunscreen.

Watch our Keyfix video for tips to staying site safe in the sun

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For more advice on sunscreen and sun safety visit the NHS website

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1 Peer reviewed research published in the British Journal of Cancer

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